- next day installation (if ordered before 5pm)
- installation of for sale sign
- installation of sold rider
- removal of sign and post
- Invoice sent via email with 1 click payment
all signs and riders are stored free of charge


Some of the installers that have been in the business for many years have become a bit complacent. Signed Up is enthusiastic about providing valuable service to busy Realtors.Andrea Harley-Maddox
Remax Escarpment

The time management that Signed Up has versus other competitors and our previous sign companies makes all the difference. They respond in a timely manner and has the job done when requested, or even sooner. There is never any hesitation. The acknowledgement of requests or questions is beyond appreciated in a busy office like ours where many things come up last minute. We always rely on Signed Up and will never look backEmma Hetherington
Rocca Sisters

This is the only sign installer you'll ever want to hire! Signed Up made it easy by picking up my signs from the office. They respond very quickly and install the post and sign within 24 hours. They also put up the sold rider which saves me a lot of time. Their sign posts look very professional and are sturdy. I am so happy I discovered their services and I will be a long term client of theirs.Wesley Degroot
Remax Escarpment Burlington

Rob has been fantastic, communicative, speedy and professional throughout. With super easy direct messaging to have a sign placed the next day and social media posts to boot. Rob does it all. Standing out above the competitors with instagram posts for our listings has been a game changer. If anyone is in need of any sign installations, Rob is your guy. Always answers his phone and never a hassle. Thanks Rob!Devon MacArthur
Remax Escarpment


Fee includes - For Sale sign installation, Sold rider installation, Removal of post and sign


We will happily service beyond the local area for you. For any installs outside of the above service areas, please send in your request for pricing.

Trip Fee: For any trip outside of installation of sale sign, sold rider and removal, a trip fee will be charged. Trip fee is equal to 1/3 installation fee.
Ex. $59 install fee - $19 trip fee


For more information or to order an installation please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 12 hours.